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We all tend to look forward and make plans for the future. With a proud and storied history of providing assisted living in Maryland, Pickersgill Retirement Community is drawing from its past to plan for the future. When you review your options for assisted living in Maryland, Pickersgill Retirement Community’s rich history stands out. While we are the oldest retirement community in Maryland, we are also a forward-thinking community with a commitment to values and comfort.

A Strong History of Assisted Living in Maryland

Founded in 1802, Pickersgill Retirement Community’s roots are based in a small group of women who founded The Impartial Female Humane Society out of concern for the widows of the Revolutionary War. In 1851, while Mary Pickersgill was president of the society, the Aged Women’s Home opened. While she is most famously known as the seamstress who created the famous flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to pen The Star-Spangled Banner, Mary Pickersgill is also renowned for her humanitarian efforts. Her leadership in opening the Aged Women’s and Aged Men’s Homes is the reason her name was chosen when our community opened in its current location in Towson in the 1950s.

Pickersgill has been a pioneer for assisted living in Maryland

Counter-clockwise, from top left: The Aged Women’s Home, the Aged Men’s Home, and Pickersgill today.

One constant throughout Pickersgill’s history is helping people to achieve the balance between independence and assistance. Pickersgill’s approach to community living is based on a strong sense of community – that now, scientists are finding, is more important to longevity than even quitting smoking or exercising regularly.

Located in west Towson, Maryland, Pickersgill is in a fantastic suburban setting, with ample outdoor space including walking paths, patios and plenty of benches. Yet, we’re close to all the off-campus amenities one would prefer nearby.

A Bright Future for Assisted Living in Maryland

Pickersgill is starting a $6 million, 3-year project aimed at improving and expanding activity spaces, corridor improvement and expansion, a redesigned and expanded nursing center and more. Last year, we spent $300,000 to triple the size of the rehabilitation center.  These improvements are just one example of two of our principles:

  1. As a nonprofit organization, any profit is invested back into the community directly benefiting our most important group – the residents.
  2. We provide traditional values with contemporary living.

Pickersgill provides assisted living at a value. Independent of our reasonable rates and high level of services provided, the priceless peace of mind, great place and powerful sense of community are all included. We invite you to get in touch to learn more. Simply click here, or call us at 410-825-7423 to schedule your personalized visit.