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There’s nothing quite as universally fun as a good game.


Residents at Pickersgill Retirement Community and a group of University or Maryland Pharmacy students delight in getting together for game night.  For quite some time it’s been widely believed that children get a developmental boost by engaging in play. Today, more and more, experts are telling us – no matter your age – social, cognitive and even physical perks are available to us all by simply playing a game.

Of course play, in general, is a source of enjoyment, but specifically playing board games or card games offer unique life improving benefits which can enhance a person’s health and well-being.  And for best results, a dose of game playing should not just be taken once in a while but should be regularly prescribed.  At Pickersgill residents partake in established bridge parties, challenge themselves by flexing their strategic muscles on a chess or checkers board and look forward to evenings spent playing Monopoly, Rummikub, Uno, Scrabble and Jenga with our dynamic student volunteers.

Here are a few great excuses to play a little-


Games are good for motor skills

Every time you roll the dice, shuffle the cards or move game-piece around the board, you are strengthening your hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills – which can help you maintain coordination to complete simple tasks like buttoning a shirt, writing a check or holding a tea cup.

Game playing increases brain function

Games are wonderful exercise for your brain. Because playing stimulates areas in your brain that are responsible for complex thought and memory formation, a  game can assist you in practicing essential cognitive skills, such as recall, problem solving and decision making.

Games can boost happiness

Laughter is a positive side effect of game playing. We all know that a good dose of glee triggers the release of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins your body’s natural feel-good chemicals which have the power to make you happy and improve your conscious and unconscious brain functions. No wonder a game of Battleship can make you feel cheerful and less stressed!

Game playing might lower blood pressure

Along with reducing stress it is believed that the release of endorphins makes your muscles relax which leads to improved blood circulation – perhaps resulting in lowering your blood pressure.

Games promote socialization

The foundation of playing board games and most card games is collaboration. Games are the perfect way for you to spend time in nice company and strengthen bonds with other human-beings. Create a memorable occasion by inviting a group friends to play a game of Hearts.

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