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Moving into a retirement community can be an overwhelming process. However—with smart planning and appropriate timing—your move can be made much easier and considerably more cost effective. There are several factors to consider when deciding on the best time to make your move. Below are a few helpful hints to ensure your move will be well timed and cost effective.

  • The overall best months to move in are September, October and November. This is when business for moving companies is slowest, as kids are in school and most people don’t want to move right before the holidays. Avoid the summer months, as those are the most expensive times to move.
  • Plan your move to take place mid-month in order to get the lowest prices. The beginnings and ends of months are typically the busiest times for movers, as many people’s leases are up at the beginnings of months.
  • The best days of the week to move are Monday through Thursday. Most people plan their moves for the weekend, when they are not working, so any given moving company will likely have the fewest reservations during the week. Therefore, you will also get the best price. In addition, weekend rates tend to be highest, both for truck rental agencies and moving companies.
  • When possible, avoid moving before major holidays, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving or Hanukkah, since part of such holidays is being with family and friends. Birthdays, anniversaries and other family events can also be difficult. Give yourself enough time in your new place before the holiday season begins to allow for you to meet new people and familiarize yourself with your new community.
  • However, the biggest reason to move now is your ability to enjoy a carefree lifestyle at Pickersgill! You will never have to worry about home maintenance and repairs, high utility bills, shoveling snow and ever-increasing property taxes! A move into Pickersgill will leave all of these things behind, allowing you more time to enjoy all that we have to offer.

To find out more about making a move to Pickersgill, please call Jim Strom in the Admissions Office at 410-842-0421, or check out our website to request more information.