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There are many benefits to moving into an assisted living community such as Pickersgill. We find that many residents see an overall improvement in their quality of life, as conditions such as depression, anxiety, poor nutrition, loneliness and safety are immediately addressed. Additionally, moving into a retirement community can have a positive impact for the families of residents, which cannot be overlooked.

Social events at Pickersgill play a key role in helping residents overcome loneliness and depression that can result from spending too much time alone. Pickersgill residents can be as busy as they like or enjoy solitude when it suits them. Pickersgill is a place where those of a similar age can meet, live and experience all the perks of a great social life again. From lively card games, musical entertainment, exercise classes and happy hour, new residents find that living with other seniors is actually a really great time. Assisted living at Pickersgill provides a constant source of friendship, even for those who enjoy their solitude; all of our residents really benefit from the presence of other people.

Pickersgill assisted living residents have often stated that they wished they would have moved in years sooner as doing so has completely eliminated the anxiety and stress caused by all of the daily chores of living alone. The biggest benefit of moving to a community such as Pickersgill is eliminating the housework. Cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry and all of the other tasks that go along with maintaining a home get more difficult over time. As people age, they may cut back on maintaining their homes due to disability, lack of energy, failing eyesight or ill health. Pickersgill has staff that perform all of these things for our residents. The only thing left for them to do is enjoy life!

As we age it becomes harder to shop for groceries and prepare meals and ensure that we are receiving proper nutrition. Often times the idea of cooking for one becomes more challenging. Assisted living at Pickersgill offers three meals daily with a variety of menu choices. Eating well and staying hydrated improves health, and the social activity at mealtime aids digestion and overall well-being. Special dietary considerations regarding a number of issues such as diabetes and heart disease can be easily accommodated. Mealtimes often become the most important event of the day for our residents.

For some, the most important issue that assisted living remedies is safety. If someone is frail, visually impaired or unsteady on their feet, living with others can serve as a very important safety net. There will be people around to watch your loved one, and help them walk, and get up from chairs. If there is an accident, a health emergency or a fall, they will not be alone. Additionally, there is an emergency response system in each assisted living suite to call for help should the need arise.

Lastly, a very powerful, yet real issue that assisted living addresses is the restoration of family roles. A spouse who has been acting as a caregiver or nurse to her husband can return to her role as a wife. A daughter who has perhaps abandoned the needs of her own children to care for her ailing parents will be able to resume the role of mother and daughter once again. Many families are divided with stressful scheduling and shifting of plans in order to provide care for their aging parents. The priceless value of assisted living at Pickersgill is that we allow you to advocate for your parents while letting our trained staff do the professional work it takes to improve their lives.

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