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For the past 25 years, Jerry Mead has enjoyed making friends and making a home at Pickersgill Retirement Community. “There’s no place I’d rather be,”Jerry says.

When Pickersgill’s first cornerstones were being placed, Jerry and his wife watched from their home no more than a block away. “I watched them build it,” he remembers. That marked the exciting beginning of Jerry’s long and happy relationship with his future home. Pickersgill’s welcoming community has balanced independence with assistance in a way that allows residents like Jerry to live full and happy lives, no matter how long they decide to stay.

When asked to reflect on his time at Pickersgill, Jerry said, “It’s an ideal place for me: quiet, warm and I can do whatever I want.”Pickersgill has a wide variety of programs and amenities for the mind, body and soul that residents can attend if they so wish. This freedom is one of the reasons Jerry has called Pickersgill his home for so many years. That, and the people who live and work there.

According to Jerry, the people at Pickersgill have been wonderful the entire time he has been there. Everyone at Pickersgill is familiar with him and he considers the staff to be like his own family. “The staff are like my children,”Jerry says fondly. This small community feel allows residents to get to know each other well and develop strong, long-lasting friendships.

Jerry has many treasured Pickersgill memories from over the years, but his favorite has been celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary with a large group of his family and friends. “We rented a hall and they provided everything we needed. They did an excellent job taking care of everything and everyone had a great time,”Jerry recalled. Their guests enjoyed an excellent menu provided by Pickersgill and they even set up a bar for the special occasion. Pickersgill isn’t just a retirement community, it’s a home where you can celebrate your life.

As time has gone on, Jerry has transitioned from an independent apartment to the assisted living apartment that he now calls home. With every move, he had the help and full support of the staff at Pickersgill and the tight-knit community that has become like family to him. As needs change, Pickersgill is thoughtfully there to help and guide you in order to make transitions easy and convenient. Their payment system is only further evidence of Pickersgill’s goal to be accommodating to their residents.

The great value and considerate fee system that Pickersgill has developed are benefits that Jerry makes a point to tell others about. “They don’t take your money; you just pay the rent,”he said. With no entrance fee and no lifetime contract, Pickersgill Retirement Community puts the emphasis on the residents who choose to live there year after year because they love the environment.

When Jerry first observed Pickersgill Retirement Community being built, there’s no way he could have known that more than 25 years of his life would be enjoyed there, but what a wonderful thing that they have! To this day, Jerry wholeheartedly recommends Pickersgill to anyone who asks. “I checked every retirement community from Westminster to Towson and this was the best,”said Jerry. “It is a great place!”