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If you or your loved ones are looking to move into a retirement community, it is important to look at the different activities, clubs, and events each community offers to residents.

Whether it is an afternoon exercise class, a sports league, a discussion group, or a special celebration, Pickersgill residents are always busy!

Physical Activities 

Pickersgill residents love opportunities that allow them to continue to be active and healthy. There are many different exercise classes offered at Pickersgill; yoga and aerobics are popular weekly options.

Residents are also involved in different sports. Pickersgill boasts several Wii leagues, such as tennis and bowling. In the summer, the horseshoe pit is a hot spot for residents to spend time.

For those that have a competitive spirit, the members of Pickersgill’s billiards team often travel to nearby Blakehurst Retirement Community for friendly competition.

Social Activities

It’s easy to find your niche at Pickersgill. There are many opportunities to join clubs and meet new people.

For those who like to knit, the knitting club often gets together to enjoy their craft. Recently, the club collaborated on a project to create knit hats for newborns.

There are also daily book clubs, discussion groups, and card games that Pickersgill residents join.

For a change of pace, many Pickersgill residents enjoy going off campus to volunteer in the local Towson area.

Searching for something else? Start your own club!

Spiritual Activities

Pickersgill offers a place for people of all religions to feel welcome.

Every week on the Pickersgill campus, there are religious services, pastoral visitors, and study groups.

Special Events & Amenities

Pickersgill residents also attend many special lectures, events, and parties throughout the year.

Alongside these great activities, Pickersgill residents have access to beautiful walking paths, gardens, a library, computer lab, and many more resources.

For more information about Pickersgill, give us a call at 410-825-7432 to set up a tour.