We understand your concern regarding the global pandemic Covid-19. Our residents and staff are our number one priority. Please refer to our latest updates for precautions and actions related to the outbreak.

We came across this article, Assisted Living Trends, published by SeniorHomes.com, which discusses trends in assisted living communities and wanted to comment on the recent trend of heightened emphasis on wellness programs. Check out what they had to say about the trend below, and read on to see how Pickersgill is focusing on wellness.

“…the age of residents moving into assisted living communities nationwide averages 84.6 years. As seniors continue to wait longer and longer to leave their homes and move into senior living communities, the industry seeks to extend their length of stay by promoting health and wellness among their residents.

Nearly every major competitor has developed a multi-dimensional program to include a variety of exercise classes and/or access to neighborhood fitness clubs, healthy meal options, and spiritual and educational opportunities.

Amenities and services that reflect this emphasis on wellness include the availability of:

  • On-site massage therapy
  • Exercise equipment made specifically for seniors
  • Computer training with specialized equipment and large screens
  • Flexible hours for dining to accommodate other activities

The success of such programs improves the general health and well-being of current residents and attracts new residents who are increasingly dedicated to maintaining their active lifestyles.”

Over the years, Pickersgill has launched a number of programs and amenities to promote a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. The health and wellness of our residents is our top priority and we are always looking for ways to increase the opportunities for them to become healthier and more active.

Recently, we have created an opportunity for residents to have direct input into menu planning. This input has resulted in the addition of several healthier items on the menu, along with expanded overall healthier choices. In combination with a healthier diet, Pickersgill now boasts our own Weight Watchers group, which is run by a dietician. We also offer weekly diet and nutrition educational sessions for residents. As a result of these programs and classes, Weight Watchers members have lost more than 50 pounds.

In addition to diet and exercise programs, Pickersgill offers a wide variety of educational opportunities to all of its residents to keep their minds sharp and active. One of our most popular programs is a weekly interactive contemporary issues class, which highlights current world events and encourages group discussions on these topics.

With the growing importance of technology to our seniors and a philosophy of always trying to offer as many new amenities as possible WIFI is available to all residents in both independent and assisted living. Additionally, a technology fund supports our ability to offer classes that teach residents about a range of technology topics including setup and usage of computers, navigating the Internet and training on tablets and iPads.

For additional information on any of these programs or questions about availability at Pickersgill, please call Jim Strom at 410-842-0421.