“Pickersgill has built a truly outstanding reputation…”

—Steven Handelman, Remedi Pharmacy

Steven Handelman, Remedi Pharmacy

“I’ve been involved with Pickersgill from a pharmacy standpoint since the late 1970s,” says Steven Handelman. “My involvement dates back to a time when the community was the Pickersgill Home for Aged Women.”

“Since that time the community has grown from a combination of a traditional nursing facility and an assisted living residence—but before it was called ‘assisted living’—into a continuing care retirement community that offers independent living apartments, assisted living residences and skilled nursing care. Along with these changes, the community has built a tremendous reputation.”

“Today, the nursing center is smaller, assisted living is larger than it was, and independent living dominates. And I can’t remember a time when the independent living apartments had many vacancies. Pickersgill was even able to renovate apartments a few years ago while remaining full. That was a remarkable feat!”

Years ago, Pickersgill chose to employ an operating model with no large entrance fee, and with a month-to-month contract that covers the residence, as well as community amenities and services. Steven, like others, believes this model is partially responsible for the popularity of the community. The lack of an entrance fee, coupled with the smaller size of the community, makes it very attractive to many seniors.

“The community is located in a quiet residential neighborhood,” says Steven. “Pickersgill has used its resources to become a very good neighbor. The landscaping is beautiful and immaculately well kept. When Pickersgill has a special event—such as the annual fall bazaar—the entire neighborhood is invited to participate. Pickersgill and its staff are considerate and compassionate, and believe in doing things the old-fashioned way.”

Hand-in-hand with being a good neighbor and a great residence for seniors, Pickersgill is an outstanding employer. “For example, the former director of nursing had been with the community for more than 25 years,” says Steven. “Many of the top management have been with Pickersgill for nearly as long. Pickersgill’s current nursing administrator left, then returned!”

“Employees are respected. With that comes loyalty, and when you have loyalty, you have consistency. When you have consistency, you have quality of care.”

Remedi is the preferred pharmacy for Pickersgill, for both assisted living and skilled nursing residents. Medications are delivered in a specified manner, using a proprietary medication management system called Paxit®, developed by Remedi for use in assisted living and skilled nursing centers.

“Pickersgill was one of the first communities to utilize the Paxit® system,” says Steven. “We knew early on that Pickersgill would be a good partner, that the community would help iron out any wrinkles in the system without wanting to abandon it. The system has now been in place at Pickersgill for more than five years.”

“Pickersgill has built a truly outstanding reputation,” concludes Steven. “A great example of this involved a couple I know who moved into Pickersgill, and whose daughter was a senior administrator for another CCRC in the Baltimore area. They were not wealthy, so they couldn’t afford to pay the steep entrance fee that some other communities required. Now, their daughter says the care her parents receive at Pickersgill is excellent, and she told me that her parents moving to the community was the greatest present they could give her.”