How Do I Choose Among the Senior Living Options Near Me?

When you’ve decided to move out of your house, the senior living options that abound can be overwhelming. Sometimes it seems like deciding which community you like best is a tougher choice than choosing to move in the first place! When it comes down to it, the best place for you to spend your retirement years will be the place that fits your wants and needs. What’s best for you isn’t necessarily best for everyone else, so consider these factors when you’re looking at senior living options in your area.

Pickersgill is an ideal option for senior living in the Baltimore area


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How Senior Living Helped My Mom

We recently talked with Linda Sarubin, whose mother, Molly Golden, moved to Pickersgill more than six years ago. We wanted to get an adult child’s perspective on the impact of a senior living community on her mother. This is what Linda said:

Leaving her house was a hard decision. Mom had been living with a companion in Baltimore in a huge house. Parking was an issue. Safety was a concern. I worried all the time. When her companion passed away about 7 years ago, my sister and I started thinking about what would be best for mom. We thought it was a good time to consider a senior living community. I’m in Pennsylvania, and my sister is in New York, so neither of us are right down the street. Continue reading

Questions to Ask While Taking an Assisted Living Tour

While searching for the best assisted living destination for yourself or a loved one, you’ll have a variety of factors to consider that will help ensure that you make the best possible choice for a secure, comfortable future.

So that you don’t overlook any important details, we’re providing this guide that covers, by category, a bevy of vital questions to ask when you visit a community, meet the staff and learn how the community will serve you. For a complete guidebook to accompany your search, we invite you to check out our free white paper, “Choosing the Right Assisted Living Community,” but for now, let’s get to the questions!

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Summers in Baltimore Wouldn’t Be Summer Without Crabs!

The Pickersgill Crab Feast is one of summer’s most celebrated events. August was hot and sticky and what better way to unwind than with Maryland blue crabs. On August 29th, residents gathered around brown paper covered tables with mallets in hand. Along with piles of spicy Maryland blue steamed crabs, the feast also featured Maryland crab soup, sweet Maryland corn on the cob, classic crab cake sandwiches and creamy crunchy slaw followed by chilled watermelon and chocolate chip cookies. This cherished Baltimore tradition is especially enjoyed in a large group like our Pickersgill community of family and friends.