Volunteers are the heart and soul of our community.

Volunteers are a vital part of the culture at Pickersgill. Whether they’re students fulfilling community service hours or those looking to connect with others, volunteers constantly enrich our residents’ lives.

Your skills and passion can impact others in many ways:

Friendly Visitor

Visit one-on-one or with several people to make days brighter.

Group Leader

Lead a discussion of current events, play a hand of cards or relax with a board game.


Ride along with residents to outside appointments.


Share a great book, stimulating poetry or current magazines with residents.

Letter or E-mail Writer

Help residents stay in touch with loved ones by writing a letter, composing E-mail or sending a postcard.

Artist, Craftsperson, Musician

Share your own special talent in a creative way, through making ceramics, drawing, singing, playing an instrument, or any other pursuit. The only limit is your imagination!

Special Events Helper

Assist us at one of our annual events in one of many ways.

Activities Helper

Pitch in, and lend a hand by helping the Activities Department with cooking classes, sing-alongs, happy hours and holiday parties—whenever and wherever you’re needed!