Covid-19 Updates

April 28, 2020

Good Afternoon:

I hope this email finds you healthy and well. I am writing today to give you an update on what is happening at Pickersgill regarding the presence of COVID-19. Here is the current COVID-19 status of our residents and staff as of Tuesday, April 28th:

·       One nursing home resident has symptoms that warrant testing and has been tested. The results are pending. Other residents in the building who have been tested do not have the virus.

·       One nursing employee who works on the nursing home on the 4th floor has symptoms that warrant testing and has been tested. One of our laundry employees also has symptoms that warrant testing and has been tested. The results for both employees are pending.

·       The results for the previous nursing employees who were tested were negative.

·       The part time food service worker who tested positive has not recovered yet and is still not working.

·       There are 3 additional food service employees who had symptoms that warranted testing. All have been tested and the results are negative.

We are following CDC, CMS, and Maryland Dept. of Health guidelines and testing any resident or employee who states that they have a respiratory symptom that could be a symptom of COVID-19. However, many COVID-19 symptoms are also symptoms of other respiratory illnesses. So, testing does not automatically mean that the individual has the disease.

If an assisted living or nursing home resident is being tested, they are under strict isolation in their room. An isolation cart is outside their room and any staff who enter the room wear a face mask, face shield, gloves and gown. The resident also wears a face mask when an employee is in the room. This procedure continues until the test results are negative.  Employees who have symptoms are excused from work until their test results are negative.

It is taking approximately 5 to 7 days for the test results to be available. I will inform you about the test results at my next update.

We have started posting our daily activities on our Facebook page. If you are interested in the activities that are available for our residents please check it out. 

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.


Barry Eisenberg, FACHE, LNHA 
Executive Director 
Pickersgill Retirement Community