We understand your concern regarding the global pandemic Covid-19. Our residents and staff are our number one priority. Please refer to our latest updates for precautions and actions related to the outbreak.

October 23, 2020

Good Afternoon:

Unfortunately, we have had another employee test positive for COVID-19. This is a food service employee who was last in the building on Tuesday, October 20th . She began experiencing symptoms yesterday, October 22nd  and was tested.  We received the results today. According to the Maryland Department of Health (MDH), we officially have an outbreak. As I mentioned in my email yesterday, this means that all inside visits will stop across the community. If you have an inside visit scheduled it is cancelled. We are going back to supervised outside visits effective today. You will need to contact Tricia Selko at tselko@pickersgillretirement.org to schedule a new appointment. In addition, we are stopping all group activities, and communal dining. The Beauty Shop has closed. We will be able to loosen these restrictions after 14 days, assuming we are COVID-19 free during this time period.

Weekly Testing Resumes – Consents Requested

Since we are in an outbreak, the MDH requires Pickersgill to test all employees and assisted living and Decker residents on a weekly basis until we are COVID-19 free for at least 14 days. We started this testing today. Every resident or their responsible party must consent to the test. We will be asking each resident if they are willing to be tested. For those residents who are unable to give their consent or who look to their family member to provide consent, this email is Pickersgill’s request for that consent from the family member who is the resident’s Health Care Agent or Power of Attorney for Health Care. Unless we hear from you, we will assume that you are providing consent. If you do not want the resident to receive the test please respond to this email with that message as soon as possible. This update is sent to multiple family members. Only the Health Care Agent or Power of Attorney for Health Care should respond.

Cumulative Report

Here is the cumulative report of Pickersgill’s experience with the COVID-19 virus since April 1, when we were informed of our first positive resident, including today’s update. I am only including positive cases in the cumulative report:

  • One assisted living resident tested positive for the virus.
  • One nursing home resident tested positive for the virus.
  • Nine staff tested positive for the virus.

Mitigating Actions to Prevent or Reduce Risk

As you know, and I have reported previously, we have taken many mitigating actions to prevent or reduce the risk of transmission of the virus since the public health emergency was instituted. I provide this section with every update in compliance with Federal regulations. Some of the actions we had taken in the past had ended as we had started to relax restrictions. However, we are re-instituting these strict restrictions because we have an outbreak. We are  stopping outside visitors and deliveries from entering the building, separating the apartment residents from the assisted living and nursing home residents, ending all communal dining for residents, and encouraging our residents to remain in their room and practice social distancing. We continue to encourage residents to wear a face mask when they are not in their room, wash their hands regularly, and practice social distancing. We are checking all assisted living and nursing home residents’ temperature and oxygen levels daily. We actively screen daily all healthcare staff, employees and essential vendors who enter the building according to CDC guidelines; this includes taking their temperature upon entry and denying entry of those with the signs or symptoms. We require all employees to wear a face mask and other appropriate Personal Protective Equipment, as necessary, when interacting with or caring for a resident.

We are following CDC, CMS, and Maryland Dept. of Health guidelines and testing any resident or employee who states that they have a respiratory symptom that could be a symptom of COVID-19. In addition, we are requiring that a resident is tested before being readmitted to the community from a hospital or other nursing home. If an assisted living or nursing home resident has symptoms and is being tested, they are under strict isolation in their room. An isolation cart is outside their room and any staff who enter the room wear a face mask, face shield, gloves and gown. The resident also wears a face mask when an employee is in the room. This procedure continues until the test results are negative and the resident no longer has symptoms.  Employees who have symptoms are excused from work until their test results are negative or they no longer have symptoms.

We are posting this same information on our website, www.pickersgillretirement.org on the News page. If there is someone with whom you would like to share this information, please have them visit our website.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about this information. Thank you.


Barry Eisenberg, FACHE, LNHA 
Executive Director 
Pickersgill Retirement Community 
615 Chestnut Avenue, Towson, MD 21204 
p. 410-825-7423  |  f. 410-821-6275 


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