What’s a Fidget Blanket Again?

A fidget blanket is a lap-size quilt that provides sensory and tactile stimulation for the restless hands of someone with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, such as ADD, or an autism spectrum disability. They are perfect for little kids, olders or anyone who gets a settled feeling by keeping their hands busy.

Recently a group of Student Volunteers from the University of Maryland Pharmacy School hosted a Fidget Blanket Workshop at Pickersgill Retirement Community.   14  residents participated by designing, sewing, embroidering and assembling fidget blankets.  The colorful creations featured zippers, ties, ribbon, strings, buttons, elastic, snaps, pom poms, braids and a variety of textures; smooth, ribbed, silky, fluffy and velvety.  With a goal of making 6 blankets to donate to Pickersgill residents who would like to have one, the project was not only extremely fun but also allowed participating residents to work with their hands, use the sewing machine, and interact with the dynamic pharmacy students.  Everyone involved agreed the project was such a success a second workshop is planned for next year.

Many thanks to the students, Dr. Brandt and the University of Maryland for planning and organizing the workshop.

Fidgeting part 2

Who says you can have too much of a good thing?  Once again, Pickersgill residents and enthusiastic pharmacy students came together in the Willard Auditorium to get creative.  Out came the sewing machine, scissors, needle and thread so the multi generational team could get busy creating a new batch of Fidget Blankets.  Piles of fabric, rick-rack, jingle bells and fake fur helped inspire the crafters, the result was wildly colorful and inspired works of art which will also bring comfort to friends and companions right here at Pickersgill.


216th Anniversary Celebration

In 1802 Pickersgill Retirement Community was founded as a charitable organization making it older than many other well known Baltimore institutions.  For instance– Johns Hopkins University was founded in 1876, Bromo-Seltzer was invented in 1888 and McCormick & Co. opened its doors in 1889.  Outside of Baltimore in 1802 Thomas Jefferson was our President, Beethoven wrote “Moonlight Sonata,” it was Napoleonic era, and women’s fashion featured empire silhouettes — think Jane Austen. “Pride and Prejudice” was written in 1797 and published in the early 1800s.

To say that Pickersgill established itself in the 19th century as a change-maker is an understatement.  Along with a rich history of serving seniors for more two centuries, the Community is named for one of the nation’s most famous female patriots, Mary Pickersgill, and boasts the distinction of having the oldest all-female Board of Directors in the nation.


A lot to celebrate!


Today Pickersgill takes pride in its impressive past and looks forward to an equally remarkable future starting with the Grand Opening of a brand new Physical Therapy Center in early 2018.  Expect the announcement of additional milestone projects in the near future.


The party!


With 235 guests in all, residents, board members, staff, volunteers and many community friends gathered for dinner and drinks to celebrate the start of our 216th year.  The evening kicked-off at 5:30 with a selection of hors d’oeuvres including crispy phyllo pastries filled with feta and olives, savory mini quiches and grilled chicken satay. In the center of the Willard Auditorium was a colorful and elegant fruit and cheese display anchored by a pineapple palm tree and a spectacular six foot tall floral arrangement. The menu for the sit-down dinner was tenderloin, asparagus, stuffed mushrooms and roasted potatoes. For those who wanted dessert there were confections a-plenty which included a 216th anniversary cake and petite fours in a variety of flavors.


When Should You Consider Assisted Living For Your Parents?

If your parents are having more and more difficulty with everyday activities such as showering, dressing, getting around the house, and running errands, assisted living  may be the answer. Your parents (and you!) can get the daily support you need, while remaining as independent as possible. Making the decision to move can be difficult for you and your parents, but you can make the transition easier by taking time to find the right fit and being honest about their needs and concerns.

So, how do you know if it’s time to consider assisted living for your parents? Ask yourself these questions: Continue reading

The Benefits of Assisted Living

Many people might benefit from assisted living, but do not know what that kind of lifestyle it entails.

Assisted living is an option that many retirement communities offer to residents.  Residents in assisted living receive extra help with certain daily tasks and additional assistance if required, but are still able maintain autonomy and control in their lives.

Residents gain significant benefits when choosing to move to assisted living.

Health Benefits
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