The Benefits of Assisted Living

Many people might benefit from assisted living, but do not know what that kind of lifestyle it entails.

Assisted living is an option that many retirement communities offer to residents.  Residents in assisted living receive extra help with certain daily tasks and additional assistance if required, but are still able maintain autonomy and control in their lives.

Residents gain significant benefits when choosing to move to assisted living.

Health Benefits
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Things to Consider Once You Have Made the Decision to Move to Assisted Living

You have made the decision to move into an assisted living residence, yet you still have many questions. Do I really need the help? Will I make new friends? Will I receive help when I need it? Will I continue to see my family and friends? While all these questions are common, the answer to all of them is the same: Yes! You can make new friends, you can receive the personal assistance you need, and you can continue to see your family and friends. Change can be challenging. The time it takes to transition is different for everyone. The keys to success are preparation, a positive attitude, a supportive network of family and friends and patience and understanding—all will prepare you for a smooth transition. Continue reading

The Birthday Party of the Century!

The Board of Directors of Pickersgill Retirement Community

honored  five residents at the

Annual Centenarian Tea


520 years of wisdom

There are five residents 100 years of age or older residing at Pickersgill.  Not only that, the ages of 3 of the 5 residents are:  103, 107 and… wait for it… 110!  In her welcoming remarks, board president, Faye Tully said, “the census bureau refers to our honored guests as the “super-aged,”  but those of us who know them just call them SUPER.”

What’s the secret to longevity?

“There isn’t any secret,” says 110 year-old Downing Kay. “You just live one day at a time. You take it as it comes.”

All of our centenarians expressed similar sentiments nevertheless they share a common, albeit unspoken, philosophy: engage as you age.  The daily activities of these five residents range from competition level scrabble matches, to participation in the Pickersgill writing group, to “taking the stairs” instead of the elevator. And above all, these residents are immersed in the social soul of Pickersgill Retirement Community.

Admissions director,  Janice Harris, is fond of saying “Life’s eternal at Pickersgill.”

And it’s practically true!  In the next twelve months three additional residents will celebrate the big 1-0-0, and right behind them are 46 residents who’s ages are between 95 -98.

Statistics compiled from Census Bureau data and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say:  In 1980 there were 2,194 Americans aged 100 or older;  in 2010 – 53,364  and  in 2014 – 72,197.  80 plus is the fastest growing age group in the country, and it’s likely many of us will live to celebrate our 100th birthday too.

The Staff, Board Members and Community Volunteers at Pickersgill Retirement Community were honored to be a part of this celebration. Happy birthday to Eleanor Bacon – age 100, Margaret Ford – age 103, Downing Kay – age 110, Albert Schnupp – age 100 and Linda Sennott – age 107. Very best wishes, and many happy returns.   [Tune in to Fox 45 TV on Thanksgiving Day to see a feature on our centenarians.]

(Finally!) Fall Fashion

Pickersgill residents and their guests packed the Willard Auditorium to see the latest trends for fall apparel at the annual TaylorMarie Fall Fashion Show – and it was not a moment too soon! Although the autumnal equinox occurred nearly eight weeks ago, the weather outside our doors here on Chestnut Avenue has just started to have a chilly bite. A warm (or very warm!) fall season is typical in Maryland and this year was no exception. One guest remarked, “I was playing golf in 80 degree weather last week,” and as if Mother Nature flipped a switch on the day of the fashion show, daytime temperatures dropped to a cool fifty degrees with downright frosty nights.

The Pickersgill fashionistas were ready to see some soft, cozy sweaters, fleecy vests and faux fur trimmed coats. The TaylorMarie collection delivered on all of that and more. One piece that got a lot of oohs and aahs was a beautiful plaid poncho, in shades of plum, grey and navy. Several looks, adorned with a bit of bling or shimmery metallic thread, would easily transition as great holiday attire, especially a red tartan tunic-style blouse that turned lots of heads.

After the runway show, Pickersgill ladies shopped for several hours, carefully choosing favorite ensembles with accessories to accent the looks. The runways of New York and Milan have nothing on the hallways of Pickersgill!

The runway!


Our models